Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stressed Out? ... Life Got You Down? ... Take a Break and Draw ----- Play!

Line Rider—one of the more popular Flash-based game diversions—has come to the iPhone. Line Rider, the phenomenon that’s been sweeping the internet perhaps the most addictive ‘toy’ of all time.

In Line Rider you draw a track and Bosh is sent careening down the course until he wipes out!
If you missed out Line Rider before, here's the premise: You draw a series of lines in any configuration you want and watch your sledder ride the lines. But it's tricky; if you mess up on the angles or lines of descent, your sledder will fall off. So it's up to you to see how big and/or crazy you can make the course from a wealth of drawing options. Choose the pencil and your type of line (regular, accelerated, or scenic) and start drawing your course. Use the Line tool to draw straight lines. An eraser removes whatever part of your track you wish, and the undo button cancels the last line you drew. The hand icon lets you move the playfield around. You can also zoom in and out of the playfield using the same finger pinches to zoom in and out of Safari. The play button starts your ride.

Finally,What you have to do is draw a landscape or course for your little friend, Bosh, to ride on his little sled. Once you draw the landscape, just press play to see how he goes whether he fly off his sled or he gets big air!

An awesome line drawing game where you draw the line ,the runner runs on. There are also few other options:

Night Ride lets you ride in the dark (a black background instead of a white one) while Draw & Pan toggles between drawing your lines and panning (very handy). Gravity Tilt allows you to bump your sledder but it's really sensitive and you could bump him right off the track.
You can rate the tracks you download, too, just like rating music or movies in iTunes.
Line Rider iRide also supports a community where you can upload your creations and download courses made by other players. You can get on the community board and see other tracks that people have created and even download them onto your phone so you can watch them in action. If you create a memorable track then you can do the same and upload it on there. There are no limits to the amount of customization you can do to each and every track you make.

Your ride is only limited by your iMagination.

It is a simple iPhone app but it will keep you interested for hours on end and you will like saying ; “Next time I'll draw an even better track!

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