Friday, February 27, 2009

Paid Android Apps Banned On unlocked G1 phone

The sad information about HTC G1 phone users ,who are using the HTC G1 phone $400, unlocked version is that they can't run paid android applications from the Android.Mobile developers who purchased an unlocked HTC G1 phone from Google in Google's Android developer program costing $25 to join,discovered such thing this week.

Earlier to this HTC G1 phone device allows users to access a special folder where paid Android applications and copy protected android applications are stored for regular customers who may be interested in breaking the copy-protection on those applications.

Google is banning users of the HTC G1 phone unlocked version from viewing copy-protected android applications, including the paid apps.Google says it is blocking paid apps access on unlocked developer phones to prevent piracy of apps.

In order to minimize unauthorized copy of the applicationsNow google is not distributing copy protected applications to these phones .But Google said in a statement that these phones give developers of handset software full permissions to all aspects of the device.

This is a big problem for everyone who has a Dev phone.After this announcement, users of the unlocked phones reported on the forums that they could no longer access apps like Shazam and Calorie Counter, prompting the response from Google.