Thursday, February 26, 2009

Google Toolbar 6 With Quick Search Box

Known for its new innovations google has come up with a new Google Toolbar 6 for Internet Explorer(beta).The main motive behind this is making search more easy and accessible, also to improve search suggestions, Google Bookmarks, Autofill, and Custom Buttons and gadgets.

The new feature of Google Toolbar 6 (beta) consist Quick Search Box (QSB)feature that provides search functionality outside of the browser. A mouse click or a control-space shortcut invokes its popup dialog for searching the web (with suggestions), local bookmarks, and even applications.In brief we can say, QSB is fairly smart, able to identify applications by abbreviations (WMP) and clearly present suggestions.

If you want to keep Google in your browser, QSB (and suggestions) can be turned off with a simple right-click.

Toolbar 6 beta is loaded with built-in suggestions and sponsored links. Suggestions are highlighted with bold type, and sponsored links appear at the bottom of the suggestion drop-down window.

For accessing toolbar click on the Google logo in the taskbar or for quicker access use the Ctrl+Space shortcut. As you type, it will provide search and website suggestions, relevant bookmarks, and even allow you to launch applications directly from the search box.

One more feature of Google's Toolbar 6 beta is a new page layout for blank tabs that shows thumbnails of your most visited pages. As now a days every browser is providing similar things to make more use of blank browser tab pages,But Google innovated here a little by displaying not just your most-visited sites, but also the three most recently closed tabs.Which is a fresh and news for all users.