Saturday, February 07, 2009

Android - The complete story

Ever wondered how Android came into being. I found this somewhat dated but riveting story in wired. As you read it, you know that Android is going to be big. I have had an Android for a while (along with an iPhone) and can attest that as a productivity device for business, if you are comfortable relying on Google (Gmail/Contact), it is unbeatable. The iPhone still has an edge but we are looking forward to what the next iteration of Android will do!

"Rubin said his startup, called Android, had the solution: a free, open source mobile platform that any coder could write for and any handset maker could install. He would make his money by selling support for the system — security services, say, or email management. Android would have the spirit of Linux and the reach of Windows. It would be a global, open operating system for the wireless future."

Wired Magazine