Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kloska Group Outsources IT to Logica

Seeking to offer IT support for growth and innovation, Logica, a European IT and business services company, announced today that it will be offering IT Outsourcing contract services for German Kloska Group.

The five-year contract covers the network connection between all of the Kloska Group locations and the provision of all required data center services, company officials say.

The Kloska Group's 24-hour delivery service is used by large corporations as well as small companies, according to the company. The companies are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:9005 and adhere to high standards of quality. Logica says it's helping the Kloska Group with their high level, innovative work processes. Enabling the company to be mainly driven from Germany, as is the management of the IT required for these logistical processes, the services are provided around the clock on a global basis, according to the company.

Among other things, Kloska Group supplies ships all over the world, according to the company. For the cruise ships of the Aida fleet and for the Arosa river cruise ships, the Kloska Group says it provides high-quality, just-in-time logistics services in this market segment. More than 600 vessels are supplied with provision on all the oceans around the world. Well known ship owners have their ships outfitted by working with Kloska Group, officials say.

Previously, the server systems of Kloska were located in the Group's own data center in Rostock, company officials say. During the course of this project, Logica migrated all these servers to its data center in Bremen. Logica also made available the wide-area-network connections used by Kloska and the required IT services.

By leveraging Logica's Outsourcing services, the Kloska group optimizes the strategic restructuring of its IT infrastructure required as a result of the strong growth of the Kloska Group, according to the company. The company was looking for a long term partner for the provisioning of best in class IT services who would be able to help the Kloska Group to keep on growing while ensuring a cutting edge IT system.

Uwe Kloska, founder and managing director of the Kloska Group, said, "With Logica we have found a service provider who offered us a compelling solution to restructure our IT in the way we wanted the job to be done. We feel that our requirements have been completely understood and that we received excellent consulting services. Logica and its innovative solutions are adding true value to our organisation which enables us to grow further in the future."

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