Tuesday, August 19, 2008

54% of Romanian IT professionals agree on outsourcing IT security

Approximately 54% of IT professionals working with Romanian companies would call on outside specialists to solve their information security problems, shows findings of a recent GecadNet survey conducted May-July 2008 on 300 respondents.

As many as 53.7% of the interviewed say they would call on a specialist IT security company to solve problems related to information infrastructure defence; 35.6% trust their own strengths and did no show readiness to cooperate with any specialist company to mend their IT security problems, while the remaining 10.7% are undecided.
The findings reveal a rising trend in IT services earnings in Romania that outperforms the sales of hardware of software licences.
GecadNet is specialising in trading and implementing software solutions, providing adequate licensing solutions, integrated IT services, and also providing SENTINET IT security solutions, its own brand professional IT security solutions.

With a 16-year tradition in the IT field, GecadNet is the recipient of numerous awards and certifications from the world's most important producers. The company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, an Autodesk Value Added Reseller, an Autodessk Authorised Training Centre, a Trend Micro Authorised Distributor, an IBM Internet Security Systems Distributor and a Kaspersky Distributor.

Source : www.financiarul.ro