Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Indian Mission in South Africa to Banish Visa Delays by Outsourcing

As global mobility develops at a greater pace between nations, the Indian mission in South Africa have announced new process plans in the hope of preventing visa delays for tourists.

Announced by India's Tourism and Culture Minister Ambika Soni, the plans will result in the Indian mission in South Africa outsourcing their visa services.

India is a country which throughout the world is being viewed in a positive and beneficial light. Offering great potential direct investment and housing vast numbers of skilled workers, India wants to expose these assets as it strengthens bonds and relationships with other key countries.

Migration movement to India especially from South Africa has seen an increase in recent years and the announcement to outsource highlights the importance which the government is placing on improving services to allow individuals to do so.

Indian immigration law requires all foreign nationals to apply for an Indian visa in order to enter the country. All candidates who wish to relocate to India for any length of time, whether for a short visit or to emigrate to India on a permanent basis will need to apply for an Indian visa to do so.

Speaking of the outsourcing plans Ambika Soni said "Tourism between India and South Africa is growing, but I want it to grow faster…My vision is that within 48 hours, anyone wanting to visit India must get a visa. Since 2006 there has been a focus on India, resulting in us developing new tourism products, making it more exciting for both types of travellers - the backpacker and the higher end tourist."

At the announcement in South Africa, whilst Soni completed his two day tour he also mentioned further plans for developing India's tourism industry saying, "We now have not only tourists on pilgrimage or who come to India to visit family, like many South Africans do, but also rural tourism, shopping tourism, and Ayurvedic tourism. For the West Asian market, we are even developing monsoon tourism, so we are promoting India as a 365 days tourism destination

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