Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Top Outsourcing Duo Spin out New Enterprise

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The successful spin-out of the Global Sourcing Advisory Group (GSAG) from Satellnet is now complete.

Satellnet's former Chairman and CEO John Stacey was the architect of GSAG, which he has grown into a $35million business in the USA and UK. He is now the Chairman and CEO of the new spin-out GSAG and he is joined by David Kinnear as President.

With 28 years of international management experience with Bearing Point, British Telecom (BT) EDS, US West Communications and Peat Marwick, John Stacey will be responsible for North America, China and EMEA.

David Kinnear, with 20 years experience in international management and outsourcing, will cover North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Prior to GSAG he was President and CEO of DDC HRO, part of the DDC Group. Both Stacey and Kinnear are of course well known in the outsourcing community as co-architects and founders of the Global Sourcing Council.

Discussing the spin-out, John Stacey said: "We leverage our global knowledge, resources and network of relationships for the economic and socio-economic benefit of all our clients, in both the public and private sectors.

"We bring private sector thinking to the public sector and public sector thinking to the private sector - globally.

"We help the public sector to become increasingly well-positioned and agile and offer help to domestic and foreign governments to enhance local GDP through intelligent partnering with the private sector. This, in turn allows both private and public sector to address the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at home and abroad.

"We bring highly practical and effective management and strategic advisory services to our private sector clients helping them with the direction of their global growth initiatives."

David Kinnear added: "We do not subscribe to the view that 'one size fits all in outsourcing'. To employ a medical analogy, we are present at conception, birth and infancy guide you through every step."

GSAG already has in place a substantial number of contracts which will contribute to the total 2008 projected revenue.

GSAG has been serving blue chip clients and government organisations for three years now and several of these clients represent long term engagements that roll over year to year.