Sunday, February 24, 2008

CoroWare Launches Near-Shore Outsourcing Practice

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CoroWare, an Innova Robotics & Automation company (OTCBB: INRA), today announced the establishment of its near-shore outsourcing practice.

In today's increasingly competitive global economy, companies are constantly seeking new ways to reduce costs, stay ahead of competition and enhance profits. Outsourcing solutions are considered "near-shore" when they are in close geographic proximity to North America and share similar time zones.

"CoroWare is committed to offering its customers, whether in Redmond or New York, the freedom to choose high value engineering and IT professional services from near-shore in Latin America, on-shore in Redmond, WA or a combination of both," said Lloyd Spencer, CEO of CoroWare. "By taking advantage of advanced collaboration technologies and tools, CoroWare is already delivering these services through its employee base and strategic long-term partnerships in both Latin America and North America."

CoroWare's near-shore outsourcing practice is already helping its customers dedicate internal resources to other purposes while maintaining control of outsourced offshore projects during standard North American business hours. In addition, CoroWare can provide its customers with the flexibility required to succeed in a wide variety of project types and sizes.

"CoroWare offers a distinctive suite of innovative services and enterprise solutions that bring value to Microsoft," said David Hayes, director of the Microsoft Partner Solutions Center at Microsoft. "We believe that CoroWare's near-shore outsourcing practice will help the company continue to deliver high quality services at competitive prices."

CoroWare's near-shore outsourcing resources include architects, developers and testers with experience in software application development, software application integration, web site design including Microsoft Silverlight and other rich internet applications (RIAs), service oriented architecture (SOA), collaboration portals, IT infrastructure, and Quality Assurance and Testing.

"Enterprises are continually looking for ways to focus on their core competencies and work with capable systems integrators who can affordably deliver high quality services," said Susan Eustis, president of Wintergreen Research. "By launching a near-shore outsourcing practice with workers in close geographic proximity to North America, teams located remotely can share similar time zones. I believe this favorably positions CoroWare to deliver high quality services at very competitive prices."

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