Saturday, October 07, 2006

Software Outsourcing Development on knife-edge

In the global Software Outsourcing front India is currently a leader as the success has raised costs all around. Companies which are doing strategic planning for the next 20 years are all looking at option other than India," says managing partner of a firm specializing in consulting on Software Outsourcing Development.
Several countries are preparing road maps to attract global companies in the Business Process Outsourcing space. However, India still does not have a strategy at the macro level to develop the industry in the long run. The positioning of a country is now becoming important in the global Offshore Software Outsourcing space. India got positioned by default and not by any great government design, as a place with an endless proportion of educated and English speaking workers.

Software Outsourcing Development has witnessed a transition from being, traditionally, an in-house process to a global collaborative effort. This really comes as no surprise, with what the increasing need to focus on standards, maximize resources, and ultimately optimize core Business Processes. In addition are the constant imperatives to reduce risks, and combat mounting cost-pressures as well as numerous difficulties associated with securing the appropriate skill sets.

Software Outsourcing Development
Companies are constantly leveraging Information Technology to gain competitive advantage. Though, this is becoming increasingly challenging with over-stretched IT budgets. Some have countered this problem by boldly moving into new paradigms of distributed development—which typically involves spreading Software Outsourcing Development across different offices, time zones and even companies.
Venture capitalists funding small and mid-sized Software product companies in the US are insisting on an offshore strategy to keep product development costs low. This helps the independent Software Outsourcing vendor’s management focus on marketing and customer management more than project management and resource management. For starters, product companies work on the cutting edge of Information Technology Outsourcing.

Success of the Offshore Software Outsourcing industry in Bangalore and Gurgaon can already be seen. But the infrastructure in these cities is cracking under the pressure of growth of the Business Process Outsourcing industry. Moreover, there are limits to the natural advantages that India has, and companies and industry observers feel that unless a push is given India may lose its edge.
Most of them want to replicate this success in some form or the other. But it is difficult to beat up this heat prevailing all across the nation. It is at rocket speed for greater success globally. Governments across the world are envious of India's success in the Offshore Software Outsourcing space.

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