Thursday, October 26, 2006

Offshore Software Development life Cycle

Offshore Software Development services in every Company are aimed at providing complete support to Software solutions throughout their life. Increasingly, Software Companies must look to move some portion of their operations offshore in order to stay competitive. With a clear focus on high quality, timely delivery and cost effective software development, organizations have made Offshore Software Development work as a key project management tool.

Software Development Life Cycle Management is an automated process, improvising project management and, what is most important, improves visibility of the project to the clients. The fact is that when an offshore client places a product life cycle project, the client runs greater risks than in the cases when a separate operation within a project is outsourced. Outsourcing, a complete life cycle gives the customer much less control over the project.

Life Cycle begins with the clients’ Offshore Software Development requirement analysis followed by planning, development, testing. That is the ideal choice for efficient implementation of the projects.

Analysis of Customer Requirement
Experts quickly grasp and analyze the vision of what they are looking for, as the initial stage of the long process, the customer requirement analysis is aimed to define the required functionality, environment and interface of the future product as well as to create its detailed functional specifications.

Planning of Project
Offshore Software Development can at times be intrinsically complex and risky and always requires careful planning. Proper planning guarantees that the project will not deviate from the targeted goal and increases its visibility to the client and management. Planning is an opportunity to re-assess all risks, establish priorities, select the best technical solutions, finalize schedules and resources and meet the deadlines.

Software Development
Highly skilled and talented workforce, as well as the world-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art tools and technologies make them first choice for both custom Software Application Development and Product Reengineering and Customization Services.
The time today is for global competition and product life cycle acceleration, when once considered innovative and ground-breaking is now out-of-date and ineffective. Logically planned Software Development process is a future oriented combining expert team with research and development activities with cutting edge technologies to create brand new products and product categories. They know how to make their ideas successful and market-winning with less time, less risk and less cost.

When it matters to delivery after Offshore Software Development by time, it should follow a strong and healthy delivery management plan, and provide the customer with all the technical documentation together with tools, guidelines and past learning’s. Furthermore, weekly reports and conference calls with the client accompany the product delivery and guarantee mission-critical quality of service. All these procedures serve important purposes - minimizing the inherent migration risks.

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