Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Research on Offshore Software Outsourcing

There are number of graduate students in business & economic classes from main colleges and universities, those students are doing research work on offshore software outsourcing, interestingly very nice thing for studying. Offshore Software Outsourcing is not a bad thing as many countries believe. That means efficiency with economical factor is really coming closer and closer in this world. There is one interesting real story, that is Sara Lee has sold all its companies and then contracted others service manufacturer and vendors for making same product.

If some one look to companies likes of HP and their products in international market, it could see the same thing with Offshore Software Outsourcing. Now days, Boeing has also did same thing. One could review the work of offshore outsourcing and the services to other places. In that case of buying your aircraft over another company does not provide jobs by means of Offshore Outsourcing work nor have factories in that country one see?

Many people likes of union workers and employees are complaining about these simple needs, yet do not see the international sales advantage or the fact for making these products at competitive rates that gives the company some benefits. As an efficient organization things could be made closer to raw materials and one can save supply chain transportation.

If the company such as Boeing could make Offshore Outsourcing to other organization from other nation with cheaper overhead cost, nation that may buy these aircraft and nation with great natural resources building those parts; in that condition everyone wins and the economies of scale are fully realized. Well Boeing is able to sell more aircraft as compare to Airbus, if they didn’t have Offshore Outsourcing, the costs of aircraft go up, they sold less number of aircraft and eventually that will fall for the competition.

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