Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Software outsourcing and product development

Indian Software Outsourcing companies are providing offshore software development since over a decade. That has matured Offshore Software Development process and now, with the rise of rupee against dollar, cost advantage is getting lesser. To counter this, Indian companies are required to offer business process consulting and product development services rather then just providing coding services offshore. Many Indian companies like i-Flex are trying to get a market in product development and move up in the value chain.

With Indian companies trying to move up towards niche market, outsourcing product development is emerging as the very attractive market for them. Software outsourcing for product development is the latest trend catching up and many established as well as startup companies are going for offshore outsourcing for their product development. Startup funded by venture capitalists asks for Indian outsourcing first. Many VCs are funding entrepreneurs who have good knowledge of their domain and who partner with Indian software outsourcing company to provide low cost high quality solution.

Startups who want to do product development come with just requirements and vision. This becomes a very challenging task to create a successful product from it. And Indian companies are getting substantial experience with offshore product development. Europe has especially not enough skills for the product development. Many European companies are increasing their product development to India. India has a wide talent pool.

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