Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Outsourcing Play in India

According to Newsfactor.com as compiled by Offshoreoutsourcingworld "Getting bigger in India could boost both top- and bottom-line growth for Oracle.”

At a two-day conference in Bombay on Jan. 10, Oracle announced that it will be hiring an additional 1,400 employees in India -- not only in tech hotbeds like Bangalore, but across nine cities and rural towns throughout the country.

Given recent announcements that Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and Intel would each pump at least $1 billion into the country, Oracle might look like a bandwagon jumper. But make no mistake: It was in India long before that was the cool thing to do.

And executives from Oracle, the world's second-largest software company, will be the first to tell you so. Oracle has been in India for 19 years, and the planned hiring will increase its local staff to 10,000, representing about 20% of its global workforce.

That's considerably more than Microsoft, which now has 3,000 employees in India and plans to add 3,000 more in the next five years. All told, Oracle has invested $2 billion in India in the past half-decade. Oracle President Charles Phillips underscored the reasons for expansion in a statement: "The fast rate of development, high literacy rates, and availability of I.T. skills in each of these cities represent an untapped reservoir of future economic wealth for India."
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