Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Outsourcing deal won by Swisscom

As compiled by Offshoreoutsourcingworld from CBR Online, assuming responsibility for the supply of voice and data services to 17 of the company's business units, Swisscom Solutions Ltd has secured a $58 million five-year outsourcing contract from the Swiss insurance company, Winterthur Group.

According to the Swiss telecom company, the agreement is aimed at focusing the present decentralized structure of Winterthur Group in the area of voice and data services and reducing complexity.

Swisscom says its objective is to achieve financial transparency and a high level of process standardization across the Group. It also claims the move is aimed at reducing costs, driving technological change and establishing uniform group-wide security standards.

Swisscom Solutions says it will be working closely with its global network partner Vanco in providing these services for Winterthur Group.
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