Monday, January 02, 2006

Outsourcing -- 2006 Technology Trends

(1)Traditional media continues to change as the impact of the democratization of the Internet and the increased penetration of global broadband coverage expands the Internet even more.

(2)Globalization and outsourcing continue to be paradigms of success.Again, as in last year, to be successful in a real-time, global marketplace, businesses must understand and adapt to the new source of competitive advantage by connecting to the core competencies and customer interaction on a global scale. In the business world, global collaboration is imperative. Outsourcing becomes more strategic--it's not all about price.

(3) The digital home is entering the next level of acceptance, with the expansion of the electronic gaming and MP3 marketplace being a major driver.

(4) Public relations and marketing expenditures and projects continue their shift to the public networks.

(5) The timeframe of the product life-cycle continues to decrease

(6)The threat to security and privacy continues to grow and to expand to other devices besides the wired Internet such as mobile devices and device-to-device networks.

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