Friday, September 30, 2005

Offshore Outsourcing: The Statistics

Offshore Outsourcing nonetheless has also truncated millions of job opportunities in the respective home countries. Over 2.2 million people in the US alone lost their jobs in the preceding four years.
US Senate is contemplating to ban Offshore Outsourcing of government contracts. This posits an ironic premise US, in theory, stalwartly campaigns for global acceptance of free trade practices, but in practice it mulls over legal restraints to offshore outsourcing from foreign lands. But the recoil may be puffed up. One of the hottest studies designates that the trend may actually be creating more jobs.
In the past decade, US companies single-handedly have devoted $7 billion in their ancillary operations in India, garnering a profit in excess of $26 billion. Telstra, an Australian telecom company, for instance, accumulated more than $75 million a year by outsourcing several assignments to Indian ventures proving an apparent clue that, notwithstanding separated outlooks in the US, Britain, France, Germany, and other first world countries, corporate administrations will persist favoring offshore outsourcing. On the employment side, there are two standpoints: first, deeming that outsourcing creates massive joblessness; and, second, contrariwise. Indeed, as pointed out in a report by the US Chamber of Commerce, the main reason of increased unemployment in the US, Britain and other developed countries is the augmentation in yield due to continuing advancements in technology. Quoting the instance of GM (General Motors) in USA three decades ago the report says that it used to engage larger than 4,50,000 workers to produce five million automobiles / year, and now it utilizes under 1,18,000 hands to manufacture the same number of vehicles. This reduction is attributable to the advancement of designing, mechanization, assembling and testing gizmology together with robotics.
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