Thursday, September 08, 2005

Enormous benefits of outsourcing

Enormous benefits of outsourcing are present that are enough to shut down the mouths of the critics. These include lower costs, ability to concentrate on core functions, greater flexibility and ability to define the requisite services, better security and continuity, higher quality services, improved internal management functions, less dependency upon internal resources , control of budget, faster setup of the function, lower ongoing investment is required in internal infrastructure, greater ability to control the delivery issues, increased flexibility to meet changing business conditions , purchase of industry best practices, improved risk management, increased commitment and energy in non core areas, improved credibility, generation of cash by transferring resources, gain of market access and business opportunities through the supplier’s network and the ability to turn fixed costs into variable costs. These benefits of outsourcing of course are variable and are dependent upon the nature and situation of the organization but in no doubt are beneficiary for the organization.
According to a news at NST UNISYS , the Malaysian arm of the US-based information technology (IT) services and solutions firm, expects a double-digit growth in revenue this year, driven largely by its outsourcing and systems integration and consulting businesses.

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