Friday, September 23, 2005

Outsourcing : A good flip

Reaction by some US customers has also been negative.
According to an article published at bambooweb "Many customers of Dell complained of an inability to effectively communicate with their support staff, which Dell outsourced to India, because of their heavy Indian accents. Due to negative customer reaction and negative publicity, Dell moved some of its tech phone support jobs back to the US, most notably for corporate customers, though they stated they still plan to augment their Indian staff. "
But what I want to convey us that "Outsourcing needs to be considered as an appreciator of assets inspite the apprehensions that keep arising due to some examples that are quoted against the concept of outsourcing. This is because outsourcing is not only a progressive approach towards consolidation of any business offshore but also helps is bringing together the best of both worlds at a proficient platform at highly reasonable rates. Outsourcing is a concept that is no longer new .It has been tread safely by many successful businessmen to seek more success for their big and small businesses alike. As they say that there are two sides of each coin. Similarly outsourcing cannot be casted as an adverse phenomenon in the global market just because of some instances of a bad flip. We started the discussion from a negative mark now lets proceed to viewing the other side of the coin which is more positive.
Other companies report favorable results, however. One company said that the low cost of his Indian development team allows him to hire higher-paid American lead developers."

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