Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Exploring Facebook App Center for Offering Android and iOS apps!!

Facebook launched its own Facebook App Center back in June. Since then it has seen 150 million users coming to Facebook App Center. This app center was launch with a goal of making app search for mobile users more relevant. It is also described as the way to solve the crisis of app discovery faced by Android and iOS developers. 

Facebook apps developers also cleared the air by saying that Facebook app center is not promoting Facebook apps only, though it is promoting all general mobile apps. The Android apps and iOS apps available on Facebook App Center have Facebook integration for buying or downloading the app to their devices. User’s direct login to Facebook App center via Facebook has increases Facebook’s own engagement with maximum users especially among mobile users.

This is also joyous news for iPhoneapps developers and Android apps developers. Now, all small and mid sized development companied also has a chance to be the star that is why they are using various combinations of curations and search algorithms to come in the few hundred list of Facebook. New App Center is only picking few hundred mass appealing and quality apps for its huge mobile audience. 

But still it does not exposure what it deserves. It has a long way to go. We can say that Facebook App Center is bit underrated. Users and Android/ iOS developers actually have not realized the profit that can be generated by the new App Store. Now, the success of Facebook’s though for its mobile audience is only in hands of its developers and users. Let’s see how much users consider it useful.