Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PHP Language Getting Popular for Web Development

HP has become the most preferable scripting language for various web development projects. Out of 5 every 3 websites developed each day are coded in PHP. There has been a great number of websites today in terms of content, images, graphics and visual effects. 

Every offshore outsourcing company providing web solutions are now rendering PHP web development also. It is getting high popularity as it is open source software which can be downloaded by anyone for use. It is said that PHP will deliver best outcomes of web development in the least possible time. With time, this scripting language has acquired many great features which made it the first choice for website development. 

Reasons for rising Trend of PHP development: 

1. It can be acquired by anyone from a new comer to a professional without many efforts.
2. It is free, means open source programming language.
3. It also supports various databases like Informix, Oracle, MySQL, Solid, Sybase, postgreSQL, Generic ODBC, IBM DB2, SQLite etc.
4. It supports all major servers like Netscape, iPlanet, Apache, Microsoft, IIS, Personal Web Server, omniHttpd and many others.
5. It reduces the work pressure from your server as it uses its own memory space.
6. It also fastens the processing speed. 

All leading offshore software development companies render custom PHP development services which entails maintenance, system analysis, design, coding and lots more.