Thursday, July 05, 2012

Approaches Followed by Android Game Development Companies!

Android platform is a successful platform in terms of mobile application development. In a very short span of time, it has given a tough competition to Apple iOS by having almost equal apps in respective app stores. Android application development is a booming business these days. It has gained attention and support from developers all across the globe.

Android application development services have given a great reputation to many development companies and individual developers. Android MarketPlace now Google Place hold plethora of application in various different categories. So, we can say that better and market specific applications can be developed by hiring Android game developers. Gaming applications are always at the winning side. In very rare cases games are non productive. Otherwise, good and interesting games always make a successful ways user’s smartphone.

Every company and individual Android game developers has their own way of carry on the development process. Following are some of the approaches that are adopted by many companies and individual developers.

1. Agile Development: In this a big project is divided into small parts. Each part will have its own scope and requirements. Further each part will go through its application development life cycle. Under this approach the project is protected from over all risk factors.
2. Waterfall Method: this approach is followed when Android application development has static requirements.
3. Extreme coding: It is done in case of dynamic requirements of the project. It helps in maintain the software quality of the project.
4. Rapid Action Development: It helps in completing the urgent requirements of the client and avoids pre planning of the project.