Friday, June 22, 2012

What Makes HTML5 Apps Development More Developer Friendly

The HTML5 based mobile development has gone mainstream. There is no exact reason behind the sheer inclination of enterprises towards HTML5 platform. One could say it is the luring promises made by the HTML5 for solving the problems currently faced by the enterprises these days in offering high end mobile solutions.

Moreover, the continuing battle between mobile platforms for market share has forced many companies to cater services for more than one platform, i.e. at least two or possibly more than that. Development of native mobile applications allows very little reuse of code because all the platforms are very different. As a result, supporting all multiple mobile platforms can incur three times the cost for development of an application.

Therefore, it is said that HTML5 development has answers to all these hurdles. It is because all three major mobile platforms allow for embedded web components, HTML5 components can be easily shared among all available platforms. However, a basic HTML5 app can be simply built with HTML, CSS and Javascript, many companies want some host connectivity which make use of the existing servers.

In the web technology world, there has been long debates over merits of HTML5 application development over native application development. In the end, it is concluded that each way of development has its own merits and demerits. Therefore, if you are going for HTML5 web development Services you must think it with a different perspective from traditional web application.