Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Opera Mini is on Apple App Store Now!!

Opera Software announced Monday that Apple approved an iPhone version of its Opera mini mobile browser. By Monday evening, the free browser was available for download from the App Store. Many may wonder why is this such a great thing,since it already has the Mobile Safari browser.

Here's the Fact:
The Opera Mini uses Opera's powerful servers to compress data by up to 90% before sending it to your iPhone, so page-loads are lightning fast. This is great for countries (like India) where 3G isn't yet available with a majority of cell-phone operators. Opera Mini iPhone app really excels is speed. It can render pages in their full, desktop glory in seconds, and because it uses servers to compress data before pinging it over to you, anyone with a slow connection should really notice the load time difference compared to Safari for iPhone.

Some great features of Opera Mini:
  • Speed Dial gets you to your favorite Web sites with a single tap.

  • An address field with auto-completion means you type less.

  • Tabs allow for multitasking with several Web pages.

  • Bookmarks can be easily managed and accessed.