Monday, April 19, 2010

New "Drag-and-Drop File Attachment" Feature Made Gmail More Powerful

Gmail is the fastest mean of mailing system nowadays. But attaching a file seems a very tedious task, as you have to click "attach a file" option and then browse the particular file, which is a little bit time consuming. So, here is the solution for you now. Now gmail has extended its functionality by providing drag-and-drop file attachment feature.

With this functionality now users can drag-and-drop photos, documents, spreadsheets and other files from their computer to Gmail. According to Google, the feature will help users who already have a folder open or have number of files to attach.

Google software engineer Adam de Boor wrote in a blog post, "Suppose I want to attach some files to an email, and I already have a folder open containing those files. I used to have to click 'Attach a file', find the photos, click them, etc. [Now] I can just drag and drop the files to attach them."

For now the feature is only available to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 3.6 users. However, Google plans to soon make it available to other browsers as well.