Monday, March 01, 2010

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series - Try, Try and Try again

The New York Times says that Microsoft had to start the development of Windows  Phone 7 from scratch because the previous previous was beyond redemption.  While there are nice features here, the software has failed to excite the audience at Barcelona, though it did win good feedback from Business Users who like the seamless integration with Sharepoint, Outlook and Exchange.


Engadget in it editorial on the release of Windows 7 said this was a entire reboot and nothing from Windows Mobile survives.  While the OS is very good, the battle is yet to be fought whether it can upend the iPhone and the Droid and carve a space for itself or will it go the way of the Palm Pre.

Mary J Foley on Microsoft-Watch says that Windows 7 Phone Series will be delayed until 2011.  Will Microsoft launch a branded phone with its own hardware.


Gigaom says Window 7 Phone is a impressive try but it wont stick until they come up with a Appstore strategy which takes advantage of the Phone.


The Apple Blog was fulsom in its praise and said “Of all the companies competing in the cellphone industry, it is perhaps more than just a little poetic that Microsoft should be the first to offer a truly compelling product to rival Apple’s iPhone.”