Saturday, March 27, 2010

Enjoy “Orkut and Google Buzz” Widget on Android Phone Now!!!

Do you want to use orkut on your andriod phone, then Google has announced the release of an Orkut widget for phones that use the platform.

Orkut is a dominant social networking site in Brazil and India where even Facebook finds itself relegated to the second spot. Although Facebook has managed to usurp Orkut's dominance in India to an extent of late, it has not managed to do so in Brazil.

Orkut is all set to roll on mobile phones with Android through a newly released widget aimed at making it easier for users to update their status and share content with others. This is an added advantage for the ardent Orkut users with Android phones.

The widget lets you stay connected to your orkut friends wherever you go -- via scrap notifications, direct photo uploads to your orkut albums, and a phonebook synced to your Orkut friends' phone numbers and status messages. Orkut for Android lets you stay in touch with pals through friends live folders, Scrap notification, and Photo uploads to orkut albums.

Along with the Orkut widget, Google Buzz is also a new Android widget. The Google Buzz widget helps you do what it is intended to do - post Google Buzz updates. You can post buzz about your fun trip to the nearby amusement park and share photos of the same. You can post text, photos and stuff directly from the phone. To save time, your posts will upload in the background. The posts can be tagged as well.

The Google Buzz widget for Android is compatible only with devices that have Android OS 1.6 installed. To add the widget, all you need to do is to go to Menu > Add > Widgets > Google Buzz and that should do the trick. The widget is currently available in English for Android phones. Google says it plans to add support for other languages soon.

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