Friday, March 19, 2010

BlackBerry Storm 2 Review

According to a revelation made by Research in Motion (RIM), BlackBerry will make its latest phone the BlackBerry Storm 2 available in Australia from this month. The BlackBerry Storm 2 is seen as a major threat to the iPhone market and is expected to face tough competition from its rivals in the touchscreen category namely, HTC Desire, Samsung, Wave and Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X 10.

The makers of BlackBerry Storm 2 after giving due consideration have made some minor changes in its predecessors, the BlackBerry Storm. The company did not make some of the major renewal adjustment in Storm.

However many minor changers in BlackBerry Storm 2 have led to a major impact due to which the phone offers a little more in comparison to its predecessor and many of its competitors. These changes have surely gone into making the device more user friendly.

Talking about the design, the BlackBerry Storm 2 now comes with a trendy touchscreen buttons with improved button control on the side. The battery lid and joints of the handset and been smoothed away to make the grip more handy and user friendly. It also avoids the annoying light that releases on the side of the screen. Hence these little innovative updates in the device are taken very positively making the Storm a visual delight.

Among the new specifications and features of BlackBerry Storm 2 are the stylish sleek look, touch support and interface with touchscreen. Another add on feature is built-in Wi-Fi and bigger keys set in horizontal mode to make sending email lot more simple, error free and fast.

The touchsreen in Storm 2 is now electronic rather than mechanical with a whole lot of features such as faster web browser, third party apps and another feature that helps select the text using 2 fingers and simultaneously with shift button where you can press to capitalize letters.

BlackBerry Storm 2 with its latest features and specifications is truly that phone which can give competition to iPhone. It has 3.2 MP camera with autofocus, flash and video recording that leaves iPhone far behind. Also the users can enjoy its multi tasking features by holding down the menu key and easily switch between many open apps. So, with a BlackBerry Storm 2 be sure that you have an icon in your pocket.