Thursday, October 15, 2009

Google Wave: Tips to run on iPhone

If you got an iPhone and want to test Google Wave on it, there’re two ways to get Wave to work on your iPhone: First’s to go to using mobile Safari. Click through the warning, as it works well, as the site is optimized for Webkit-based browsers. You can select different conversation “waves” (or threads) and contacts, or dive into a specific wave.

To get rid of Safari wrapper to use web apps; save a Wave bookmark on your Home screen; clicking the icon takes you to Wave, but without the Safari wrapper which allows you to navigate to another page or search the Web. Instead, it looks more like a regular app and there’s no way to navigate away from it. Everything else works the same as in the mobile browser version. Google confirms that’s indeed the case, explained. When you bookmark Wave it launches in “app mode,” which’s an existing option for developers on the iPhone.