Friday, October 02, 2009

First Paid Apps for webOS Hit Tomorrow

Our tipsters tell us that the first batch of paid apps for the webOS's new and improved App Catalog should land sometime tomorrow, October 2nd (barring any more delays).

Paid apps will be tied to your Palm Profile, which results in a couple of nice things:

* deleted apps can be re-downloaded for free
* If you get a new webOS device (like a Pixi or a new Pre), when you sign into your Palm Profile you'll be able to get all your apps on your new device.

Also, remember that nice new 1.2 feature where Universal Search can find apps based on hidden tags? For example, typing in "SMS" can bring up "Messaging." Those tags are being made available to developers, so they can make their apps easier to find on the Pre.

We're digging the fact that Palm's doing the right thing by allowing us to re-download deleted apps - we imagine more than a few people will be hitting the frustration app memory ceiling soon and knowing that deleting an app now doesn't mean having to buy it later will make the Orange+Tap that much easier.

Oh yeah, Canadians: you have to wait and we don't know for how long yet, but you're (sadly) used to that by now, we're guessing.