Saturday, September 08, 2007

“Training and Recruitment Outsourcing on demand” ensures cost savings and optimum flexibility for airlines

Due to tough competition in the industry, the pressure is growing on airlines to develop new sources of income and simultaneously reduce risks and costs. This will present flight operations with new challenges in the future.

The new service concept of Cockpit4u helps airlines to optimally fulfil the impending challenges in pilot recruitment and in the area of training, either immediately or step-by-step. With this, Cockpit4u entirely or partially assumes the training/recruitment activities from the flight operation, without the airline needing to compromise on quality. This can be a temporary cooperation, in order to compensate capacity bottlenecks, or strategically orientated.

“With our concept, airlines are in a position of being able to react dynamically to internal and external changes. They can compensate fluctuations while simultaneously optimising the costs and training productivity. In doing so, they concentrate on their core business, without committing internal resources in the time-intensive and cost-intensive area of training or in personnel recruitment.”, says Dennis Pilz, Managing Director of the company.

For the start of the new service concept, qualified cockpit crew applicants can register on the Cockpit4u database effective immediately. According to the requirements of the airlines, the selection of the applicants and subsequent training will be carried out to acquire the type rating for Airbus or Boeing.