Tuesday, May 29, 2007

India Takes a Step Further with Outsourcing

India is no longer just a hub for offshore outsourcing for Information technology and other Industries. It has now stepped up a rung on the ladder, to become the destination for graduate students from top business schools in the US, France and Singapore, making their way to the Indian subcontinent to fill internship slots, which are apparently much hankered after. And the point to note is that most of these companies, attracting a slew of foreign students, are mostly India's biggest outsourcing companies.

NASSCOM is on its toes, keeping busy with tracking the innumerable interns pouring into India for educational benefits and opportunities. These interns not only get a first-hand view of globalization, but also achieve a cultural fulfillment. Of all the outsourcing hosts, its India and not China that attracts more and more interns because China poses the problem of language barrier, a major contributor to the cutting down of competition posed by China to India's claim of being the leader in the Outsourcing Industry.

Although, this is a huge opportunity for students from overseas, they must however come in readiness to cope with a work environment, quite different from the traditional Wall Street internship areas. Sadly, the infrastructure with state of the art office complexes, standing alongside unsound dwellings has fluctuating power supply throughout the day. The other discomforts that a foreign student may have to face before becoming accustomed to a day in an Indian metropolitan are, the lack of mass transport system, which is almost non-existent. Shopping for even the most basic necessities means a visit to the mall, which could be frustrating and eat up hours of your time. However, the chaos outside is not to be taken as the true picture of the working inside the offices, where, in sharp contrast, there is order, discipline, professionalism, sophistication and hard work.

Thus, India has taken outsourcing a step further, by building in internship for foreign students as a means of grooming the bright young minds, who might one day actually work in India.