Thursday, November 30, 2006

Why India is the most preferred Outsourcing Destination

India has the ability to cater for the demands of the market. Its vast supply of over 2 million graduates and 300,000 post graduates that pass out of colleges each year, along with its vast resource of English-speaking college-educated workforce and low-cost labor gives it an edge in the offshoring world.

Last year alone, outsourcing in India grew by over 25 %, and it continued its domination over other competing countries such as China, Ireland, Israel and the Philippines.

Its not always about the cost
There is always this notion that India is the most preferred outsourcing destination due to its low cost. It isn't only the cost factor that accounts for India's attractiveness as an Outsourcing destination. The quality of manpower combined with improvements in it's local infrastructure have put it ahead of other destinations. India with its millions of world-class engineering, business, and medical graduates are becoming engrossed in the global New Economy in ways most people are only beginning to perceive. The new generation India that grew up in post-economically liberalized India, are a new breed with zest in life, hungry, energetic, and demanding of their government.

Large Human Resource
Every year, nearly 19 million students are enrolled in high schools and about 10 million students in pre-graduate degree courses across India. About 2.1 million graduates and 0.3 million post-graduates pass out of India's non-engineering colleges. While 2.5-3 percent of them find jobs in other fields or pursue further studies abroad, the rest opt for employment in the IT industry. Even at current rates, there will be nearly 17 million people available to the IT industry by 2008. It’s hard to believe those 20 years ago, India had only 6,800 knowledgeable workers.

The Indian Education System
The Indian education system puts lot of emphasis on mathematics and science, which results in a large number of science and engineering graduates. Mastery over quantitative concepts coupled with English proficiency has resulted in a skill set that has enabled the country to take advantage of the current international demand for IT

Quality Manpower
The Indian programmers are known for their sound technical skills and their eagerness to accommodate clients. Certain clients Outsource work to get access to more specialized engineering talent, particularly in the area of telecommunications. India also has one of the largest pools of English-speaking professionals.

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