Thursday, February 16, 2006

MTN Group signs groundbreaking outsourcing agreement with Belgacom International Carrier Services

The MTN Group has signed an agreement to outsource its international voice and data traffic to preferred partners, Belgacom International Carrier Services (Belgacom ICS), a global carrier telecom company.

The agreement, which follows a four-year relationship between the two companies, is effective across the MTN Group’s 11 operations in Africa and the Middle East .

It provides MTN with access to Belgacom ICS’ expertise in managing a profitable carrier business. The agreement will also facilitate cost savings in the range of $10 million, through network optimisation, economies of scale and efficiency gains, benefits that MTN hopes to pass on to its customers.

By entrusting its international voice and data traffic to Belgacom ICS, the MTN Group gains a competitive edge built around:
  • Secure and maximum interconnect revenue through systematic detection and removal of bypasses and other non-performing traffic interconnections
  • Outsourcing of all interconnection matters from technical implementation, operation and management of associated commercial agreements
  • Cost-savings through economies of scale and efficiency gains as can be expected of an established global carrier like Belgacom ICS

Bridget P. Cosgrave, CEO of Belgacom ICS added: Belgacom ICS and MTN Group have shared goals for this partnership: MTN Group’s primary concern of improving the mobile subscriber’s experience, while maximising interconnect revenue is achieved while generating cost savings by outsourcing a non-core activity to Belgacom ICS. This is an excellent example of the Belgacom ICS strategic objective to strengthen its market leadership through insourcing of termination of voice and data traffic for our mobile operator customers.

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