Thursday, February 02, 2006

India: An Off-shoring / Outsourcing Success Story

Impressed by India’s success in IT off-shoring / outsourcing industry, quoting unknown sources, Business Standard writes, Intel Corp., only the world’s largest chip maker has plans to make a $500-million investment in its Indian operations. Not yet official, the news will be announced during the visit of Craig Barrett, Chairman of the California based company while on a business visit to India next week.

Although, the company’s spokesperson has declined to comment, Business Standard maintains, half of $500-million is intended for Intel’s research lab and marketing division, while the other half will be used for joint development of a personal computer.

Designing and developing software to power chips for computers and high-end networks for internet based applications at its development centre in Bangalore, India’s very own Silicon Valley, Intel is in tough competition with its smaller arch rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD). Stealing a march on Intel, already AMD has a signed agreement with consortium SemIndia for supplying technology for, yet, in the pipeline, $3-billion chip-making factory in India. A direct reminder that off-shored / outsourced dollars come back to USA as Indian service providers buy American products for offices and production units.
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