Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Outsourcing : Impression vs. facts

From: blogsource

"Most of the expectations and fears related to the size and dynamics of offshoring of IT services are exaggerated. At present, the impact of offshoring services jobs is far stronger in the popular perception than on actual production, employment and trade patters," says an 'essay' on offshoring of services released as part of the WTO's annual World Trade Report 2005.
Offshore outsourcing has duly become a fluent phenomenon. As the survey suggests its evident that the concept of outsourcing, though , is yet to make it big on the production charts but has already paved a way for its popularity into the mind of people .It is this impression which is going to bring about positive effects in promoting the concept of outsourcing as it doesn’t take much time before impressions convert themselves into accountable reality. Thus before we know outsourcing is bound to show its impact on actual production, employment and trade patters

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