Sunday, July 03, 2005

Offshore Ties that Bind

From: eweek

Building solid ties with outsourcers takes time and requires careful planning.Deciding for the offshore development of a new application, sold on the promise of saving, conservatively, 30 percent, even if you fall short of that goal, you're still significantly ahead of the game.
You'll achieve your goal only if you can effectively manage the relationship with your offshore outsourcer. It stands to reason that, given barriers of geography, psychology and language, managing that relationship will be more costly and require more expertise than you may now have. There would be nothing more embarrassing than to promise corporate management that you will save the company a chunk of change and then admit that you couldn't. So it makes sense to plan and budget an offshore initiative carefully—and then to execute the project with equal diligence.
Outsourcing has been positioned as the way to improve the health of your business, particularly the profitability of your business.
Even a provider that's eager for your business says it's a good idea to walk before you run. Before you go in up to your neck, give a pilot program a chance to show where the pitfalls and opportunities are.

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