Monday, July 04, 2005

Offshore outsourcing for start-ups

From: ittoolbox

Once you have decided on the location-say India-you need to finalize how you want to go offshore. If you go the outsourcing route then you need to find a vendor in the offshore destination who will be a suitable match for your company in terms of work culture, costs and expertise.
You can either choose a project-by-project approach starting with small, low-risk pilot projects and once you are comfortable with the vendor and his delivery and quality you can sign up a longer-term contract with them.
The pilot projects will help in establishing a mutually convenient way of interaction, delivery and project acceptance. This is the toughest part of the deal. If your interaction and delivery are smooth then you have done it!
The other option is establishing your own subsidiary in the offshore destination.This has the disadvantage of getting entangled with lots of legal issues and investing upfront. However, the advantage is that you get to keep all the work inhouse and hence all the control. However, challenges of communication etc. will still be there and here again the pilot projects should be carried out to establish the procedures between the two sites before embarking on major project development activity.
Ideally choose a vendor who can transition you to your own offshore subsidiary once you are ready for it.

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