Friday, May 27, 2005

offshore Outsourcing training and documentation - making the decision to offshore outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing is not just about saving money. It's about:
1. Doing things efficiently and effectively
2. Getting to market faster than the competition and having maximum flexibility with the workforce
3. Focusing on the core business
4. Implementing a long-term, strategic business tool
So, before you decide to outsource, we should define our strategy for outsourcing training and documentation, and we analyze potential returns. The strategy considers a balanced relationship between your goals for outsourcing, your customers' requirements, the needs of your internal stakeholders, and your available resources and capabilities.
Key factors to consider when outsourcing training and documentation groups include
Þ Improved focus - Will Offshore Outsourcing allow your company to focus on what it does best?
Þ Streamlined processes - Will your offshore outsourcing partner implement efficient processes in information design, development and delivery, supported by appropriate systems and motivated people?
Þ Access to skilled, specialized resources - Will Offshore Outsourcing give you access to a partner whose long-standing core business is working with information in all its forms?
Þ Cost - Will Offshore Outsourcing reduce capital costs on infrastructure and resources?
Þ Scalability - Do you need global scalability for your internal or external training and technical documentation?
Þ Access to new technology - Is single sourcing and repurposing of your key information important to you? Would implementing the tools and technologies to develop and manage your information be better done by an established specialist like Kudos?
Þ Improved service - Do you want to work with a partner who brings proven quality, flexibility and professionalism to the table as part of its standard service delivery?
Þ Consistency - Will using an independent specialist help you establish consistent processes and deliverables across business units and localities?