Monday, May 02, 2005

Managing outsourcing process

Outsourcing the IT services is considered as a measure to cut the costs on resources including the labor, but it can be an expensive affair if not managed properly. Moreover it can lead to unmet expectations and even project failure.
A large number of industry analysts are of the view that there a very few number of projects which are problem free. Outsourcing a project is a very delicate issue and needs to be handled properly. There are a lot many things that can go wrong in the way for the project development.
If we consider the potential flaws in the process of outsourcing, we can get a lot number of things we need to consider before outsourcing. The most important thing for an IT company is to resolve the issue regarding the ownership for the source code. There is a need to check for the vendor if he will be able to adjust with the changes in the market.
Although it is risky as well as complicated but the outsourcing managers have been able to get a lot from this process as there is no sign of IT outsourcing slowing down.
Companies all over the world are able to reduce the cost, access advanced technology, compensate for a lack of skilled IT workers, improve business efficiency... and remain competitive in the global marketplace. Earlier it was assumed that outsourcing is a means to get rid of the problem as it was put on the shoulders of the vender, but this is not the case as there is a constant need for both the parties to communicate and work simultaneously on both the ends.
Another consideration that an outsourcing company should take care of is that it should not ignore the quality for the cost. The relation ship with the vender should but be one with a different party or even partner but, it should be as vendor is a part of the team.