Thursday, May 19, 2005

Expectation From Outsourcing

Do not expect immediate financial savings from outsourcing customer service and technical support work. In most cases, you will be supporting duplicate efforts until the transition is complete.
In Offshore outsourcing we must understand that our offshore facility might not have much expertise in or familiarity with the business ethics and code of conduct. We should try to make a healthy relationship and not allow this relationship to become acrimonious, since it is to be expected that offshore staff will need time to become proficient in their client's operations.
One should be patient and expect initial mistakes, and be ready to correct them in a way that does not poison the working relationships that you have with your outsourcing contractor. Don't leave your people skills or professionalism behind when you go offshore.
Some offshore facilities have live call-monitoring capabilities, whereby U.S. clients can listen in and monitor calls. This enables people in the U.S. to participate in quality assurance without having to go overseas. Such real time monitoring also discourages fraud and improper agent conduct.
Also the offshore facility might not be proficient enough to handle the project independently and may require some assistance from the outsourcing partner. This can be very helpful to avoid pitfalls and get a good output from the business process.