Monday, April 04, 2005

Finding an Offshore Outsourcing Partner

To find a good offshore outsourcing partner is a tedious task. Following are a few of the characteristics which are desirable in an offshore partner:
Good communication equipment and facilities. Leased line or ISDN connections to the Internet are essential.
Good language skills. The offshore partner must be comfortable with the language of the client.
Experience and references. Check with a few of the references and ask for their experience and advice on how you should work successfully with the company. An experienced partner will be better than a novice in the field.
Visit the company and establish a good relationship with the offshore partner. Make sure they understand your needs and quality demands. The relationship with the partner gives dividends in the form of better work at low price.
Also, check that the company has adequate equipment, stable finances and good management.
A1-Technology Inc is an offshore outsourcing company which fulfils the characteristics stated above.