Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Benefits of offshore development

The benefits of offshore development can be stated as below:
1. Significant cost savings, up to 80% in certain cases.
2. In some cases the offshore development company can reap the benefit by outsourcing a subsidiary task to the offshore partner while concentrating on the core issue. The offshore company can add significant technical knowledge also.
3. It is easy to recruit qualified programmers with expertise in the field at a low cost. We can also have a personnel suiting to our needs.
4. We can get low priced resources in the offshore destination. This is extremely useful in the temporary peaks and avoids the high recruitment cost.
5. Consulting and programming capacity is available at short notice without increasing long term personnel commitments.
6. Offshore development also reaps the knowledge gained by the offshore consulting assignments.
Some clients outsource their programming needs by getting programmers from India for short or long term projects to work onsite with their own design team. Others send whole or parts of projects directly to India for development.