Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Offshoring business in India is getting bigger not by the day, but the hour. Consultancy and offshoring company Accenture on Wednesday announced India as most active developing market, playing a key role in its global delivery model and network.
The expansion had been so rapid that the company doubled the size of their workforce to 11,000 in the past year said Mr Joe W Forehand, chairman of Accenture, who is on a visit to India.
The company’s Indian employees today constitute 10% of the 1,06,000 workforce worldwide and “we might move in internal functions to India, like HR, knowledge management capabilities and financials.
We continue to see demand and will leverage the talented people here to expand our operations,” he added.
He said the BPO operations have risen in the past few years along with the rise of headcount in the segment. “BPO gives great opportunity for vertical expansion as it is fast expanding sector.”
Accenture has its delivery centres in various countries. Apart from India, which is the most aggressively growing, centres in the Philippines and China are growing rapidly. “Though the growth there is not as aggressive as India,” said Mr Forehand.
He said, “The areas where we enter for making deals we get only 2% competition and we bag around 87% of them. These deals are SAP and Oracle-based solutions and are between $1million and $25 million in size.”
Last year revenues of the company were $13.7 billion out of which 35% was contributed by outsourcing and the remaining by consultancy. According to Mr Stephen Rohlder, COO of Accenture, “The growth in Apac region was 11%, whereas in the US it was 23% in the first quarter this year, but the main growth came from Japan and Australia.
News Source : The Economic Times