Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Outsourcing is the relationship that enables us to gain maximum benefits and helps to provide customer satisfaction worldwide. Outsourcing is the cost effective means of gaining the profitability and increasing the resources. Successful outsourcing relationships needs to be managed and must have the clear understanding of what various deficiencies are and how they can be managed.

In a modern targeted business environment, companies need to maintain core competition so as to minimize their costs and increase the customer relations worldwide. The Indian software industry currently leads the offshore software outsourcing market across the globe. Outsourcing from India is basically because of its highly improvement in its technical education, programming virtually in any area and preferably cost advantages.

Global Software Outsourcing (GSO), also sometimes called as Offshore Software Outsourcing, is the outsourcing of software development to contractors outside the client company's home country. Clients mainly focus on the global outsourcing to have the improved and faster access to the IT market, in addition to the cost savings. GSO is expanding rapidly as in Ireland, China, Russia and Chile with India the main.

To able to grow in the highly competitive environment, the business needs to be of good in quality with the promptness. In order to provide software development outsourcing, one should focus on the various points -
1) Needs of the clients with respect to software quality, accuracy and safety must be fulfilled.
2) Making the client confident that the software quality standards are met continuously during the development process.
3) Ensure confidence regarding software quality management.
Risks may also arise in the software outsourcing because of the misunderstandings and misconceptions between the client and the developer.