Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Software Inspection

When an old idea is a good idea that improves to become a better idea, we should all want to benefit from that evolution. Software Inspection was a good idea when started in 1972. Inspections have continued to provide a quick return on investment and perhaps one of the quickest for all the methods and processes available to the software practitioner.

So basically, why do we need Inspections? We need Inspections to remove software defects at reduced cost. Inspections enable us to remove defects early in the software life cycle, and it is always cheaper to remove defects earlier than later in the software life cycle. Its important to note that Inspections are a way to remove defects at a lower cost, not a way to prevent defects from occurring.

Our objective with Inspections is to reduce the Cost of Quality
by finding and removing defects earlier and at a lower cost.
While some testing will always be necessary, we can reduce the costs of test by reducing the volume of defects propagated to test. We want to use test to verify and validate functional correctness, not for defect removal and associated rework costs. We want to use test to prove the correctness of the product without the high cost of defect removal normally seen in test. Additionally we want to use test to avoid impacting the users with defective products.
So the problems that must be addressed are:
Defects are injected when software solutions are produced
Removal of defects in test is costly
Users are impacted by too many software defects in delivered products
With Inspections we can manage and reduce the effect of these problems.

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