Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Microsoft and Mobile


I just read this article about Microsoft and the Kin on the Nytimes.   This reminded me of the Tmobile HTC phone I had 7 years ago with the Window OS on it (I forget which version).  The OS used to crash a lot but the phone was way ahead of it times.  If only Microsoft had put some thought and resources behind that, it would have been owning the consumer and business mobile space.  But Microsoft did not make any improvements even as Palm, the only viable competitor died.  Leaving this space open for Apple when Steve Jobs finally decided to step in.

The same goes for the Tablet PC.  What a great idea.  And One Note was the perfect Application for the Tablet.  But Microsoft messed that one too….until Apple stepped in with the iPad. 

All of us here at A-1 Technology are rooting for Microsoft as we know the company can be a formidable competitor once it gets it priorities right.  Better competition in the Mobile and Tablet market will be better for everyone.  Wishing Microsoft the best!

Microsoft Calling. Anyone There?