Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Custom Software Development - Buzzword in Software Technology

Custom Software Development defines omitting of pre-developed (template or boxed) solutions and views. If a customer wants to believe that their favors is unique and putting their ideas into practice, they use their expert technologies and custom approaches to solving their problems. Development Companies are always into finding new creative decisions in order to meet the specific requirements and preferences of the customer as quickly as possible, so that they can be termed number one amongst the other custom software development companies.

A goal of company may be to develop not for the mass auditorium (users), but rather developed to be unique, for a single client (user) or a group. The custom software development services emphasizes on the most progressive technologies alone with preferences and expectations of the customer. Their custom software development services are designed in stage by stage processes, allowing all nuances and possible hidden dangers to be taken into account, including issues which may not be mentioned in the specifications.

Many Indian Companies, with their existing expert dedicated resources and years of quality experience are making its name in the field of custom software development. Their clients not only get world class resources at a very competitive price but also get access to the state of the art infrastructure. These days organizations are looking to outsource their work, because they don’t want to loose effective time spending it on non-core jobs. Thus, being a custom software development company, give a lot importance to cost effectiveness, time frame, security, infrastructure and expertise and control. These are the vital points while choosing the right company, providing with the right services.

Companies can reduce the overhead commonly associated with offshore outsourcing of custom software application development by providing:

Efficiency: Their services and production processes allows a shortened time-to-market delivery at a benefit to their clients by reducing total cost.

Predictability: Their clients come out on top! Their production services combined with a commitment to a fixed-price quote and production estimation ensures total quality with added value in their custom software development solutions.

Process visibility: By outsourcing your software and custom software application development processes with them; they maintain a transparent and controllable visibility at all phases of the project.

Effective communication: They ensure that during each stage of the project, all stakeholders share a consistent and open dialog maintaining a level of understanding of the requirements and project status.

Initially outsourcing custom software development work might seem a costlier choice, but with time Rapid soft Technologies has proved that the price difference is deceptive as the variation is only in the initial cost. In the long run the overall cost will prove to be much lower when you work with them.

Source: Articlesbase.com