Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Outsourcing Pressure Washing and Facilities Maintenance Services

Labor issues in the United States are at a tipping point and it is difficult to get the labor you need to run your operations. With low unemployment of 4.9% it is obvious that finding good reliable help is not easy and once you have them you must pay them benefits and high rates to keep them.

For those companies, which own property or facilities it therefore makes sense to hirer out pressure washing services to keep the properties clean. This is necessary because you need to maintain your image and keep up with the needs of the property. The cost of pressure washing equipment, reclamation devices and labor mean that often it is cheaper to Outsource such services.

For almost 3-decades our company had been in the cleaning business and worked with commercial businesses who outsourced their Flat Work (concrete cleaning) to us. Our company, ConcreteWashGuys.com found work in Corporate Office Parks, Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Amusement Parks, Apartment Complexes, Large Box Retailers, Restaurants and Government Buildings.

It made sense then to Outsource and it makes even more sense now with low unemployment rates and difficultly finding good labor. Companies need to take a look at their real costs and operations to decide if outsourcing makes sense for them.

Source: Ezinearticles