Thursday, May 11, 2006

Offshore Development - Globalizing Software Development

Beyond Geographical Boundaries

Companies, for past few decades, have explored markets beyond their shores to increase their customer base. Companies have being successful with their products, services in different geographic markets and improved their top line & gained more customers. Going offshore for suppliers, IT development and software development has enabled companies to improve their bottom line. Companies have successfully reduced costs and improved profitability by offshoring some of their business activities. So if your organisation is looking for suppliers, Information Technology & Software Development vendors, Customer Call/Technical Support Centre, etc look beyond your own geographical boundaries and most likely you will find a vendor in a different geographic location who can do the tasks effectively, efficiently and definitely at lower costs. Thus offshoring is just an extension of “Globalisation”.

Offshore Software Development in India

India has vast pool of technical resources, years of experience in software development, requisite technology infrastructure and the right cultural background to provide offshore software development to companies worldwide.
India is the most preferred offshore development country for Software Development. Right from the Fortune 500 companies to even Small & Medium Enterprises globally have used Indian Software Companies & IT companies for their business software development. The cost advantage is just the tip of iceberg; India’s biggest advantage lies in the culture and attitude of Indians who work in these Indian software companies. Hence India is and will remain the preferred choice because the cost advantage and technology infrastructure can be replicated in other countries but not the people and their attitude which is so unique to India.

Offshoring IT application development and Software Development

WE have done offshore software development for companies of all sizes worldwide. Our offshore development services are even used by IT Consultancies and Software Development Companies in North America and Europe.

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